mother nature therapy

100% natural, plant based, wellness

little fox apothecary

Little Fox Apothecary uses gifts provided to us by mother nature to nurture our mind, body, and spirit. Our handcrafted, aromatherapy and plant-based wellness products are made on the beautiful, west coast of Canada and help individuals to heal, find balance and restore. We are committed to using locally sourced, organic, wildcrafted and sustainable ingredients which are 100% free of synthetic material or harmful chemicals. 

Many of our supplies and materials come from other Canadian small businesses and we love to collaborate and work with other local makers and artists. 

In an effort to reduce environmental impact and landfill waste, we avoid plastic whenever possible and any unnecessary 'extra' packaging .  All packaging we do produce may be recycled or re-used in other creative ways. 

100% natural - vegan - eco-friendly - sustainable -  cruelty free 


Safely diluted for dermal application. Target specific conditions such as digestive issues, anxiety and headaches.
aromatherapy soy candles
NEW! Individually, hand-poured healing soy candles. Made with essential oils, dried flowers, gemstones and crystals.
Boost your immune system and reduce inflammation to help combat the effects of seasonal allergies. Use as a preventative and a remedy.