room diffusers 101

room diffusers 101

I get asked all the time which diffusers are the best and where to buy them, so I decided to finally post a page on my website to provide information and share my personal findings after research and testing for over a year. 

I have been using essential oils for over 20 years. Through that time, I have tried a variety of nebulizing-style diffusers of all shapes, sizes and material. Since starting my business, I have researched the scientific approach and methods of how these air diffusers actually work. I learned a lot!

Now, with a much better understanding of the scientific facts, I can only recommend using glass and air pressure style air diffusers. (no plastic, no water, no heat). Essential oils corrode plastic (hence the plastic seeps into your oils!). Diluting your beautiful pure essential oils in water drastically distorts their therapeutic properties as does heat. Would you put an expensive silk blouse into the dryer?

It is also true what they say, "that you get what you pay for". There are thousands of different air diffusers on the market, in your local drug store, at discount home décor stores, etc. Through my own experience, all I can say is buyer beware. The most common issue is the air pump or heater, as the majority of them break within the first 30-60 days due to poor quality. There is usually no return or refund. Now you have a chunk of plastic to send to the landfill, and they break the 3 rules I outlined above; no water, no heat, no plastic! 

So glass nebulizing diffusers, eh? Honestly, there are not a lot of options out there for glass diffusers. I tried 3 different companies, and did a little digging on their backgrounds, their commitment to quality, standards, best practices and overall passion for what they do. I took into account, functionality, packaging, repair and warranty offers, customer support, and how the diffuser handles large rooms and how quiet the air pump is (this is a big one!!). Hands down, with no contest, based on performance, quality, customer service, and quiet air motor, OrganicAromas is my number one choice and recommendation.

Their website is excellent and provides very detailed information on how the diffusers work, (using the Bernoullis Principle), from how they are constructed and what materials are used to everything you need to know about how to use, clean and maintain them.

Other things I really like are, the diffusers have a small footprint, are beautiful décor pieces, and have changing LED lights (if that’s not your thing, you can turn it off).

If you are a Canadian customer, you are welcome to purchase direct from Little Fox, or if in the USA, please purchase direct from OrganicAromas. (best for shipping expenses as I do not ship outside of Canada). 


Very interesting!! How a nebulizing diffuser works.


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