little fox

pure, earth-friendly, hand-crafted

Enjoy a variety of products from our therapeutic Aromatherapy, Bath & Body and Home Wellness line.  Little Fox Apothecary (LFA) products are carefully formulated and handcrafted in-house with loving intentions. All ingredients are provided graciously by Mother-Earth and we ensure these gifts are ethically sourced. We only use sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

As a clinical aromatherapist student, essential oil safety guidelines are strictly followed and detailed information (and contraindications) can be found on all our products. You can actually pronounce everything on our ingredient lists! Absolutely NO chemicals, preservatives, SLS, sulphates, parabens, synthetics or 'natural' fragrances. 

LFA is proud to create “Handcrafted in Canada.” products. True to our word, we strive to only source materials within Canada and collaborate with other Canadian small businesses and talented makers and artisans.

From creation to finished product, we are always concerned about reducing as much landfill waste as possible. We re-use and recycle everything we possibly can during the production phase and in our daily operations. Our end product packaging and shipping material can be re-used, (upcycled), recycled or composted. All end products are biodegradable and residual product can also be placed in organic waste. There is no landfill waste created by LFA products.

As with all LFA products, our goal is to not only provide a high quality plant-based product, but also to bring greater consumer awareness of what true, natural ingredients are and which ones are safe to use. Just because it's natural doesn't always mean is something we should use.  

Through continued education and research, Little Fox Apothecary continues to develop a multi-purpose line of products that will bring health and wellness to people’s everyday lives, healing mind, body and spirit.

100% natural ♥ vegan ♥ gluten free ♥ cruelty free ♥ eco-friendly

a little tidbit...

I have two reasons to thank my beautiful daughter, Emma. First, she helped to create the “little fox” name. Her inspiration came from our thirteen year old, Shiba Inu whose name is Kobe, but more often is referred to as our ‘little fox’. He is the sweetest dog and always by my side.

Each year we hand make our Christmas gifts for family and friends. In 2016, Emma asked if we could make candles. We collected all our supplies and set to work. While adding the synthetic fragrance to the candle wax we became nauseous and developed serious headaches. We opened all the windows and put the wax outside... yuck! Our household strives to live a healthy, wholesome and chemical free lifestyle, what was I thinking! So began the research on a natural way to scent the candles. And voilà! Essential oils.

I created a number of various synergy blends for the candles, and after a while I started receiving requests for these ‘aromas’ as a pure essential oil for use in room diffusers. So I started to bottle the blends.... everything started to take off from there.

Everything you find in our products is provided graciously by mother-earth and is strictly plant based. You can actually pronounce everything on a Little Fox ingredient list! I only use sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

I take the use of essential oils very seriously, and knew that I could not embark on this journey without having the proper education and training in the field of aromatherapy. As such, I am currently working towards a Clinical Aromatherapist designation.

I love to create, work with my hands and be close to nature. The happiness I feel from sharing my healing, wellness products with others is truly rewarding and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Little Fox is proud to support the following charities: 

  • Critter Care Wildlife Society
  • OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society
  • Wildlife Rescue Association
  • Recreation Foundation of BC
  • SALI's Farm
  • Surrey Food Bank Society
  • A Loving Spoonful - World AIDS Day Luncheon
  • Forward Foundation - Cayford Gala
  • Local School & Sport Fundraisers