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AMAZE-BALLS! Wool Dryer Balls


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This amazing product is THE alternative to chemical dryer sheets. Try them with our CLOTHESLINE essential oil blend for added scent. Each package contains three dryer balls. 

  • REDUCE drying time by 25 - 35%
  • LESS wrinkles and static
  • ADD essential oils to ball for scented laundry (4-7 drops)
  • FREE of chemicals, perfumes & dyes
  • BIODEGRADEABLE (no landfills)
  • SAFE for baby clothes and cloth diapers
  • HAND CRAFTED using 100% pure Merino or Corriedale wool
  • PURE wool to the core, no fillers
  • ETHICAL and sustainable sourced wool
  • SAVE on electricity and increase lifespan of clothing
  • REMOVE pet hair from clothing
  • LASTS up to 500+ dryer loads
  • BEST for natural fibres (not acrylics or polyester blends)
  • QUIET and more gentle on clothing (no thumping like plastic dryer balls)
  • RECOMMEND 3 dryer balls for regular loads, up to 6 for larger sized loads (i.e.: bedding) 

Want more information or have questions? Check out our Wool Dryer Ball FAQS page.

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