FOX KIT - Custom

FOX KIT - Custom

$44.95 CAD

Build your own personal Fox Kit from our custom blended line of pure, essential oil diffuser blends. Each kit will contain, 4 x 5ml bottles of your choice. 

Your personal selection of oils are packaged in a portable, corrugated (cardboard) case or our beautiful wood cases (hand made in British Columbia) engraved with our signature wellness fox are available for an additional cost. 

For further information on our individual oil blends including contraindications, please visit their specific page under 'diffuser blends'.

  • store essential oils a cool, dark place (in dark glass bottles)
  • do not place near heat or open flame
  • keep lids tightly closed
  • DO NOT put undiluted essential oils on your skin directly. Dilute in a carrier oil
  • some essential oils can burn the skin if exposed to sunlight or tanning beds
  • DO NOT ingest essential oils unless under the supervision of a doctor
  • some essential oils should be avoided or used with extreme caution if pregnant or breastfeeding
  • if using essential oils with children or animals. please use caution. Some oils are safe, but many are not
  • keep all essential oils out of reach of children and pets
  • call poison control centre if ingested
  • essential oils are flammable substances
  • keep essential oils away from the eyes 
  • essential oils are not a replacement for traditional medicine

    *Prices are subject to change.