WAX MELT<br>Diffuser
WAX MELT<br>Diffuser
WAX MELT<br>Diffuser


$29.95 CAD

This beautiful ceramic diffuser was designed by Little Fox specifically for our Fox Face aromatherapy wax melts. Each diffuser was individually, hand crafted by a talented, local Vancouver Potter. These is not just a diffuser but works of art! 

Place one fox face melt inside diffuser bowl. Light a tea light candle and place inside diffuser. The aromas of the essential oils will slowly release as the wax melts and will continue while the wax is completely melted (30 mins approx). The candle only needs to be used to melt the wax and allow it to heat up slightly. After this, the candle can be blown out. (8-10 mins). 

Another way to use this diffuser is simply with water and essential oils. You may place 2 tblsp of water and add 4-6 drops of your favourite essential oils in the bowl of the diffuser. Place a lit tea light inside the diffuser for only 5 - 7 mins to allow the water to slowly heat up and release the essential oils aroma. If you decide to leave the candle lit for a longer period, please ensure there is always water in the bowl. 

Once the wax as cooled, you may discard the wax in your compost bin. Soy wax is biodegradable!

Please be careful not to grab the diffuser directly after use as the unit will be hot. The candle should not continue to burn for more than 30 minutes. 

Place diffuser in a safe area and on a flat surface when in use. Do not place close to decorations, curtains or other objects. Keep away from pets and children. 

    *Prices are subject to change.